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 the hush . lp

 giffen . giffen
 voice . piano . guitars . clarinet . organ

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Music Is My Life

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The Strange Experience of Music
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 the hush

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 look over there . joanna
 piano . dream of the m
 maybe . eucologue
 the empty deck . isano
 the hush
image image image  rob giffen - guitar . clarinet . organ
 russ giffen - voice . piano . guitar
image image image  recorded in 1981 at
 workprint studios
 san antonio, texas
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My brother Russ and I, Rob Giffen, recorded this vinyl LP in 1981 on our own label, Workprint. We pressed, at most, 150 copies. We sent some to record labels. We gave some way as promos. We gave some to friends.
A couple of years ago, we were contacted by someone asking if we still had any. We sold him some and, since then, we have located and sold most of the rest. We are keeping a few copies each, leaving 12 (updated May 29, 2019) left to sell. They are in excellent condition, still sealed in the original shrink wrap. I will update this page with the number of copies remaining as we sell them. For more information, please use the email address to the left.

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